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Monday, September 19, 2011

Email No 76 - I still have so much I need to do... what if I'm not ready

Mauri Mum,
Yeah I should be leaving this area around the 10th... but I don’t even know yet for sure. But that’s what it looks like.

I'm really happy to get going. I love my ward right now and the works good but I just can’t wait to go. I like it when it’s just me and my companion and we can work and we aren’t focussed on everything else we have to do and we are not surrounded by everyone else... by the way… I got another new companion. Elder Green from Utah. Elder Pearson went and worked in the other zone… I’m sad because I was really getting along with Elder Pearson :) But now I have someone new to get used to... but I am sure I will love Elder Green too.

Elder Morton left today... He’s gone home to Melbourne... He'll be speaking in the Braeside Stake Conference on Sunday…. we all made fun of him cz he's really nervous cz we suck at speaking English here lol!
I was sad to see Elder Morton go cz he’s my friend… but when I said goodbye today it was just like “Well, see you in 5 months” haha! So it is cool... but I’m still sad to see him go... I’m having less and less close friends with me here... you get along more with the older Elders so now there’s not too many that are older than me… and Elder Mortensen is leaving on Thursday... I dunno if you remember him but I worked with him in Bonriki for a month... He’s the man and he’s from Colorado and I’m gonna miss him so much! He’s actually sitting next to me right now... If I ever go to America again then I have to go see him in Colorado... Lol… we always talk about it... I’m gonna be sad to see him go ay... it’s weird... I’ve had a really great week this week, but I’m like all sad right now... When I saw the plane take off today I was like wow... It’s getting closer and closer... I’m not trunky or anything but I’m just feeling it a little right now. It’s getting near the end and I still have so much I need to do and so much more I want to do… what if I’m not ready.

I'm interested to see who I can do missionary work to when I get back home... Just cz it talks about it in my Patriarchal Blessing.

Thanks for being there Mumma I love you and Dad heaps... I love everyone at home and say hi to them for me!!
Tia boo tinau.
Elder Nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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