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Monday, September 19, 2011

Email No. 72 - They just celebrated Independance Week


I can’t believe Jess didn’t go! Is she doing okay? I gave a girl who went to the MTC on Thursday a present for Sister Cameron and now she’s gonna get there and have no one to give it too ha ha!... Oh well... ana bure ane. Can you please tell her to email me... oh and tell I love her… even though she hasn’t written to me for ages!

Thanks for the heads up on the pre-apprenticeship thing :) I guess I can get an extension if President asks me then :) … that’s all he wanted to know if it was possible for me to... He doesn’t know yet if he wants me to get one... but I dunno ... we'll see when it gets closer.

Well I’m doing alright here... just working away... me and Elder Lowry are doing good work here.. The ward is good as... I’ve been here for almost six months now haha.. Crazy as... time flies. We haven’t gone over the transfers yet cz this one coming hasn’t been done so I still don’t know… but I could be out of Zone Leader the transfer after this one?? I dunno... we'll see.... and I will pray!

We've just started working with the ward again.. (properly)... We’ve been going to ward councils and what not and it’s really paying off cz the members are loving us more and more... my companion Elder Lowry will get transferred though cz he’s going to train for the rest of his mission... He finishes in October I think.

We just had Independence week here... It was cool as :) they had heaps of things going on... boxing, wrestling, beauty contest, talent shows, singing competitions... heaps of stuff... obviously we weren’t allowed to go watch them all but we were lucky because we set up a booth so we can hand out pamphlets :) It was pretty good... we got a lot of referrals and we got to see some of the activities that went on… it was cool as.

I don’t have much to say this week... I sent Steven and Courtney’s letter off to them today... Sent a couple of photos too... I know.. I finally did it... I wrote a letter.. :) haha!
It’ll be cool as when I go to outer islands. We can still write letters when I’m on outies by the way... but sometimes the letters don’t get sent out to outer islands. They just sit here until we go out there or they come in or something like that... But I’ll try write to you I promise... I can’t say much for anyone else though… so tell them I’m sorry but you’re the most important one!

I love you Mumma.. Say hi to Dad and the rest of the fams... Tell em I love em... I hope everythings all good there... You are all always in my prayers...

Love natim(your son)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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