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This is Elder Nye's Mum. I created this blog, to keep everyone up to date

with his adventures while on his mission.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email No 71 - I was working with another Melbourner, Elder Morton.. I love working with Aussies.

Mauri Mumma,

Yeah that was a sweet baptism... and you’re right.. I should keep a journal, but I’m not the best at the whole journal thing... I try write when big things happen and that will have to do.

The names here are weird and confusing.. Nei means miss and Ten means Mr and when people get married the wife usually changes her last name to the first name of her husband. But sometimes not... I hope that made sense.

I was working with another Melbourner, Elder Morton... I love working with Aussies... They live in Skye. We were kind of in two areas so that’s why I was sounding all over the place last week... But now I’m back in my area with Elder Lowry.... He’s good to work with and we've been working really well together and we're having success.. and having fun. 

Hey Ma, I have a question about the after mission life... When President had an interview with me he wanted to know if I was to possibly extend would it effect anything back home... So could you please do some research on trade school… how I can get into plumbing and everything and if I need to be back by a certain date to start school??

Thank you Mumma...

Not much is happening... But I love you all... Be good...

Elder Nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!