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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email No 70 - The carpet was so thick... I had to lay on it :)

Mauri Mumma

Well, the Steeds are gone... The new couple is Elder and Sister Perkins... They are okay... they are going to be strict… but they're real nice as well. You two will be a cool mission couple... I’ll give you a tip... The way to win the missionaries hearts is to have food all the time... And drinks... Well that’s how it is here anyway and my guess is you won’t have any problems with that! :)

I can’t believe you have both been sick! I will make sure I pray for both of you... I don’t want you suffering at old age... Poor ducklings!

The house sounds cool... you in a small kitchen is kind of hard to imagine. I’m sure you’d fall over if you saw the size of the kitchens here... Well most of them are kinda big because they are the living room as well... and the bedroom...!!!!

So this week was pretty cool... We had a baptism... Nei Kaaua... Her husband baptised her... Ten Tonganibeia... He’s a person we just baptised so it’s cool that he got to baptise his wife :) and now they want their son to get baptised... Cool stuff. Also me and Elder Morton were back together for the past few days... President is here and we had Zone Conference on Wednesday... and Thursday... Friday and Saturday and Sunday we went out to outer islands with President and Sister Shaw... me and Elder Morton only went to one outer island on Saturday... but it was the best one... Tabiteuea North... It’s so big! Elder Van Dyken served there so I already knew some people who we met here on Tarawa when they had come here to visit and stuff... So it was cool to see them again. President went to all the outer islands and had a bit of a meeting with the members there... It was cool.

I think that what you were talking about missionaries who leave Kiribati to serve overseas... it can swing both ways... Some will love to see all the big things outside of Kiribati and miss it all when they return but I think most just love to come back to live their lives from before ... but better because they no more! So simple and so chill... Kiribati people are sooooo cool!

I forgot to tell you when I went to the Mission home in Majuro, they had nice as couches and tables and a huge kitchen. Upstairs the carpet is so thick and I just had to lay down on it when I saw it :) Hha Hha I got funny looks from Pressy and Sister Shaw! When I am living without those things it doesn’t bother me not having them… but when I saw carpet it made me think of how lucky we are at home!

Joseph and Lucy are sounding very cool... while I’ve been with Elder Morton... We've been going to one of his families houses ... They are such a cool family... All members.. There’s one kid he’s like 1 year and something months old... His name is Tonaeka and he’s the coolest kid in the world I’ve only heard him cry once in my whole time with him... and now he calls out my name and stuff ahahha... He’s the man! But it makes me wonder what little Joey is like and how cute our little Lucy must be!

There’s an old lady there too, her name is Karo and she’s the coolest old lady and shell give the missionaries anything... And she acts like your actual grandma :) She’s awesome.. I love that house... I hope I get a chance to work there at the end of my mission :)

I’m now with Elder Lowry from Canada... He’s pretty cool... we are going to work really hard with the ward while we’re together, but I’m not sure how long that will be.

I think that’s all for now... I love you Mumma... And Dad too, tell him I love him... Tell the fams... and the friends…and I miss you all... Be good and look after yourself.

Love from Elder Nye xoxoxo

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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