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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email No 69 - Quarterly Reports... made me think of The Other Side Of Heaven :)

Mauri Mumma,

Oohhh that’s cool... You got my letter and pictures :) Man... so what are you saying about my birthday and Christmas... You’re going to combine the two and we'll go shopping when I get back?? Ohhh ok... !!! :D

Yeah Elder and Sister Steed are leaving tomorrow... Elder Steed is the man… he’s so chill… we are really going to miss them! The new senior couple is here, we haven’t spent much time with them yet, but they seem good… I have a feeling she is going to be pretty rough on house inspections lol !

We had an alright week... Actually it was pretty average... It was only me and Elder Morton as zone leaders on Tarawa cz the other two went to an outer island for a week ...like me and Dykes did... And then President said he needed the quarterly reports from all of the outer islands that have units and braches on them that are under the mission... That was hard… but we got it done so its all good :) lol

We had a sweet as ward activity too... We had our Ward Conference this week as well haah... It was pretty cool... The ward was camping at a school and we had heaps of fun... We went there during the day sometimes and just hung out with them and Sunday we had lunch there too :) it was fun... and definitely good for the members of the Ward.

Well Mumma I love ya heaps... You’re the best :) send Dad my love and to the rest of em too...

Love Elder Nye xoxo

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!