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This is Elder Nye's Mum. I created this blog, to keep everyone up to date

with his adventures while on his mission.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Email No 68 - President asked if there is a chance he might extend!

I wrote back and said "only if you want to break your Mother's heart!" LOL

Mauri Mumma..

I’m happy that your happy for me to go to outer islands :) I kind of plan to ask President if I can go... When I was in Marshalls he mentioned I still had 3 more months as zone leader and I asked him right there if it’d be okay if I went to ‘Outies’ instead :) I think he'll be okay with it.

Man that’s a cool experience you had with that Jehovahs Witness guy... I’ve never talked to one... They are here though... Maybe I’ll get a chance one day to talk with one... and that’s so true about your heart and mind being your second witness... That’s pretty cool... We're pretty lucky in this church just to have the heart in it as well as the mind... It’s hard though cz we have scriptures from the bible saying that they're wrong and they have scriptures from the bible saying that they're right... It’s just a confusing cycle of words... Most people hear though are just happy to listen :)

Elder Van Dyken is leaving tomorrow... And then I’ll be with Elder Morton for a week until Elder Lowry and his companion get back from an outer island... the next time I see Van Dyken is in Melbourne cz we think he’s going to finish his time in Christmas... He gets back 6 weeks before me.

There’s not much going on... This week we're going to baptise Nei Kaaua... Tonganibeia's wife. Well Tonganibeia's going to baptise her... Cool huh? Need to find some new investigators... Ones that are ready to hear the gospel... otherwise I just feel I am wasting what little time I have left.

Love you Mumma... Say hi to everyone for me... Tell Dad i love him...

Eeeeeeelder nyyyee :)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!