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Monday, June 6, 2011

Email No 64 - It rarely happens... but Matt got angry!

So Tiare our recent convert was the only Priest… there are heaps of people in our ward, we have around 100 something but there’s weren’t any ordained priests 16-17 yrs old... so we helped there and now they have 3 priests doing the Sacrament every week.... We have a problem getting them to bless the sacrament in church... the old guys always get up and do it... they just need more training… it’ll get better.

I wrote a bit about Elder Nielsen in my letter... which I haven’t sent yet :( I forgot it again .... sorry… but I led one of the meetings we had... and we got to have dinner with him too... it was cool as to just eat with him and talk to him heaps... we were just talking and telling stories for an hour and then we ran out of time.

Our mission goal for baptisms this year is 1664 but we're behind right now... and it’s not looking good cz we're gonna lose a lot of missionaries soon and only a few more are coming in so we're in a bit of a pickle.

Thats cool about Esther... and I’m shocked about Ben yeah... haha 18 yrs old!!! He’s old as now.. did he get any taller...? He is going to be a giant if he doesn’t stop soon! Good news about Ross and Skyler too.

Nothing too much new with us... we had Stake Conference this Sunday.... and then after that we had 8 lessons!!!! haha it was fun... it was just me and Elder Van Dyken... cz the last couple of weeks we've had Elders from the outer islands stay with us so we've been running around a lot and going on splits as well... wasting time.. but now its just my and Elder Van Dyken again... and we are working hard to make up for lost time!!

Last night we had a terrible lesson with two girls from the Seventh Day Adventist church... it was such a bad lesson.... we had a lesson with them a few weeks ago and then the second lesson they asked about the seventh day... and then me and Elder Van D were like here we goo... so we explained what we believe and they are just so caught up on finding scriptures for it that they don’t have the heart to pray about it... so last night we had a lesson with them again and started talking about their prayers and fasting... cz we fasted with them too... and they said just one day isn’t long enough for the fast... we need three!!!

We asked our members present to bear their testimonies on how they joined this church... so after that we asked them if they had anything to say and then they just brought up the seventh day again.... one of the girls was so stinking annoying I ended up getting angry at her… wasn’t the best thing to do... she was telling our members present that they're wrong and said they don’t have a knowledge of the bible... and they said they don’t believe this verse that we gave them which says the apostles broke bread on the first day of the week (acts 20:7) and then the one annoying girl said the scripture about if ye love me keep my commandments…………… and that’s when I went off............. I told her "yeah, I don’t love God... how can you tell me that I don’t love God ….blah blah …. how can you tell these people that they are wrong after they have already prayed about it and you haven’t yet??" Stuff like that... and then I just stayed quiet for the next 5 mins and we closed and left... it was so annoying and I hate the fact that I got angry cz now they can mock us and the church saying... ahh we made another Mormon missionary angry, cz they’ve done it before... anyways so that’s what happened last night.... didn’t like it very much but I’m over it now...

I love you mum... thanks for everything... send Dad and everyone else my love and tia booooo xoxox

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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