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Monday, June 6, 2011

Email No 65 - A week on an outer island and then off to the Marshall Islands for a week!


Man that’s cool we moved to Rowville :P I just had a look on Googlemaps at the location of the house and its pretty sweet yeah? Close to everything :P

Paintball sounds cool as haha... are Dad and Michael on the same team?? Where are the teams from?? It’s pretty cool... sounds intense :)

I did get the package.. thank you thankyou.. the skin stuff is helping :) its good… and that was a mean toothbrush... it was like the sweetest toothbrush I’ve ever seen :)

So anyways... something pretty exciting is happening... on Wednesday Elder Van Dyken and I are going to an outer island called Abemama... we're going for a whole week and the purpose of our visit is to just baptise... teach and baptise!!!! There aren’t any Elders on that island and we have been told lots of people are ready for baptism :) :) .. so our job is to baptise them... pretty cool huh?

Then... after I get back from Abemama... me and another zone leader, Elder Cole( from Brissy) we're going to Marshall Islands for a week... to see what its like up there... the Assistants are coming here to Kiribati so President wanted 2 zone leaders to go up there :) Cool stuff aye? So the next couple of weeks should be pretty fun :)

We had a baptism on Saturday... her name is Taatara, she has a less active husband but since Taatara was preparing for baptism he’s stopped drinking and he’s coming to church every week now :) happy endings lol..

On Sunday we had to talk at church but they asked us to get some of our recent converts as well... to speak with us... we had 2 speak and they were really good :)

PS I wont be emailing next week cz I’ll be in Abemama.... no internet out there... I’ll take heaps of photos. :)

Love to everyone!

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  1. Matt - i am so proud of you. I have just read through about 6 months of your emails and its wonderful to see you so committed to your mission. The townsfolk are very blessed to have you in their lives. You are trying to make their world a better one and you are doing it with all you heart (and boils haha). Its fantastic to read how grateful you are for everything in your life, how much you verbalise your love for everyone and the little things you do for others that might mean nothing to you - but mean everything to them (giving away your clothes). You really are an amazing missionary, and the people you have shared your life with will never forget you xoxoxoxox
    love always madie


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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