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Monday, June 6, 2011

Email 62 & 63 Combined - Its amazing what happens when you work with the ward!!

Man it was really good to talk to you all... it was fun... haha yeah Joseph is so big and Lucy looks as cute as with her red hair and blue eyes... its way cooll...

Thanks for what you said about being Zone Leader and stuff...
I am struggling a little bit... cz me and Van Dyken both just want to work with the people and spend more time doing what we love. I understand someone has to be doing what we do and I do love it, I just sometimes feel like I am wasting precious time, but I know I'm not. It is a confusing thing to explain, but like you said... you and Dad understand because it is similar to having Stake callings and just wanting to work in your Ward ... but just to have you know... our zone is pimpin it... we're getting really good stats and baptisms! lol

Me and Van Dyken are doing really good... our recent converts yesterday were all mean as... and we were like ohhh man these baptismss are actually sticking and not just falling away again.. it's kind of sad but it does happen most of the time. But we're excited cz our peeps are sticking really well and really strong testimonies.

Like this girl we baptised last week, Tikabu participated in a YW presentation in Sacrament Meeting and she got up and bore her testimony in front of all of the ward... so gangsta haha... our investigator, Tonganibeia just got baptised on Saturday, got the priesthood on Sunday as well... and he's the man... and his wife and kid will get baptised as well... we're seeing heaps of success with our recent converts and all of our investigators... its amazing what happens when you work with the ward... and if the ward like helps and fellowships your people!! Our other recent convert is helping take the Sacrament to those people who can't come to church... he was the only Priest age boy in our ward when he got ordained to the priesthood.. cool as.

My boils are coming back but we're just waiting still for that antibiotic thats supposed to be coming... its taking ages... pray for it please...

Love you Mumm... thanks for everything and send my love to Dad and everyone :)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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