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Monday, June 6, 2011

Email No 61 - Cadbury.. .more than $10 a block!

Mauri Mumsy..

So I’ll be Skyping on Sunday 4:00 pm... I dunno what time that is there but I’m sure you you probably do! :p I can’t wait to see everyone... I don’t really know yet how to Skype but I’m sure everything will go good on the day... There'll be someone that knows how.

Yeah you can buy Cadbury chocolate but its really expensive like more than $10 a block... and you can buy Tim Tams too... but only from Betio.

It is very cool about Jess' mission papers... Its gonna be so exciting.. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes.. I’m praying for Kiribati... It could happen cz we have different surnames... We'll pray for it.

The work is going okay our investigator didn’t pass her interview on Thursday but she should be okay for this Saturday... Still waiting on marriage papers for others. Still troopin through zone leader... I wanna go to an outer island so bad lol... but I know this is where the Lord wants me and I am trying to be patient and be a good zone leader.

There’s not much to say...we cleaned our car today... that was cool.

I am sure we'll have lots to talk about on Sunday... It’ll be kinda weird yeah? Just talking to everyone and seeing them… Joseph and Lucy… man, can’t wait.

Love you Mum tell Dad that I love him.

Talk to you on Sunday!!! xox

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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