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Friday, April 15, 2011

Email No 48 -51 - Two boys from Melbs

Mauri mum,

Well I’m really sorry about not getting all of the emails to you... I wrote every week except for last week.. Cz we were really busy... When I send an email to you I get one 10 mins later saying it failed to send or something.

So yeah Elder Van Dyken and I are the zone leaders now... Elder Rameka went home on Tuesday.. That was sad to see him go cz he was the man... And another sister missionary Sister Toki.. She was cool too. They went home and now it’s only me and Elder Van D... Lol two boys from Melbs. It’s cool. We're both still learning how to be a zone leader so its fun. And we're trying to juggle the responsibilities of the zone leader and get our area going well... Its hard but we've seen blessings come.. Just yesterday we received 5 referrals.. They weren't all golden but just receiving them lifts your spirits.... We have zone conference coming up this week so we're gonna be busy as... But me and Van Dyken were talking and we said we would go really hard after all this is done... And get our area pumping. Its cool being with a hard working Aussie cz we both push each other... I reckon we'll do good things..

But yeah me and Elder Van D went to an outer island , Abaiang, on Wednesday... We had to drop of some Elders... It was cool as... I got sunburnt but it was mean... On the way back we were fishing too... We didn’t get a turn cz they don’t have rods... They just use the line and hold it in their hands and there’s a hook and lure on the back... Lol we got two fish quick as... Gotta love Kiribati! I can’t wait to go to outer islands.... Lol I know you aren’t so excited but it’ll be a good growing experience for me :)

You know I love you mum more than anything... And Dad and everyone in the family... Me and Elder Van D were saying... man Elder Rameka is lucky as cz he gets to hug his mum haha... Got about 11 more months till that day comes :)

Sound like you're keeping busy... I am too… stand strong...

Love Elder nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!