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Monday, January 24, 2011

Email No 47 - I Like Driving

Matt's new mission President and his wife, President and Sister Shaw have their own blog about their mission and when I was reading it, Sister Shaw mentioned how awful the drivers were on Kiribati, so I asked Matt about it, which is why he commented as he did.

Mauri Mum

So Zone Leader is okay... I like driving and yeah you’re right driving here is nuts... when I get back home I'll probably make some people angry on the roads! Elder Rameka is cool.. he’s from Hamilton in New Zealand but he is going home in 3 weeks. It is really cool to just work with him... he was saying as Zone Leaders, we don’t get to teach as many lessons sometimes only 1 a day.. so I am going to miss that a lot. But we're doing pretty good so far... so hopefully we can get some good work done.

My zone covers from Teaoraereke to Betio... it covers half the island... and then we look after some of the outer islands too... so it’s cool. But the best thing about being Zone Leader is being in a car again, I really like driving! We have a white van... I’ll try to remember to take some photos... I might send some now if I can because the Internet place I am at today is great compared to the others we use.

I work in Teaoraereke 2nd ward... Ambo is the town name.

When we got to church on Sunday Elder Rameka and I were asked if we would give talks in Sacrament Meeting and I’m saying to myself “look cool, look cool”

Then we get to Elders Quorum and they're like where is the Elders Quorum President? .......... Elders do you guys have a lesson? LOL… Me and Rameka look at each other... Yeahhhh... no worries..!

So it was a big Sunday for me... but all good lessons for me to learn.

Hey Mum, I love ya... be good... and please send my love to everyone... Tai kume

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  1. I'm Jess's friend Austin.. I served in Kiribati from July 2005 to July 2007. It's exciting to hear of places see faces of people who i love passionately. I'm sure his email's to you are very interesting.. It's true, the drivers are terrible!! :)


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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