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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 45 - From 60 to 120 attending Sacrament Meeting.. and by the way... I am now a Zone Leader

I love the way he just drops the bit about becoming a Zone Leader in the middle of the email... he is more excited for the progress of his Ward. His Aunty Kim had a quote on Facebook which I sent to him in this morning's email. I didn't realise how appropriate it was at the time...

"You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons they will turn out to be heroes, even if its just in your own eyes."
- Walter Schirra snr


So yeah the area is still going really well... we had big numbers at church again... I think I’ve had 5 baptisms in this area sorry if I didn’t tell you :P So at the beginning we were probably having 50 60 70 coming to church and now its up to 100 to 120.. it’s really good... the bishop is still recovering.. our 1st counsellor is pretty much the Bishop now... but they still haven’t called a new Bishop... but anyways the young men are alright... they still need a YM's President... maybe Steven should come here and help lol :P

You said Ross asked if my calling as Assist Exec Secretary has helped me on my mission.. it has helped me heaps with knowing how everything should work within a ward. Elder Turner and I just started the correct procedures and meeting up in our ward... now they have like a functioning Ward Council... but we had to explain it all to them. So it is good now… they are really excited too… about missionary work especially!

That sounds really bad with all the floods and stufff!! :( thats intense as... man people are so safe here on this island hahha its unbelieveable... but that’s awesome how so many people are helping... I’ll pray for them...

Thanks for that quote Ma it’s really cool. I guess I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed... and sad because I am getting transferred.... and I’m going to be the Zone Leader in this side... me and Elder Rameka... he’s been Zone Leader for a while now and he’s going to finish his time in 3 weeks. After that I’m going to have to train the next Zone Leader... it’s a lot of responsibility... I’m leaving here on Wednesday... so yeah I’m a really sad to leave Elder Turner and the area. I’ll be moving to Teaoraereke 2nd ward its a really strong ward too... but I would prefer to work in struggling wards becuase then I can help build it back up... I still wont be going to an Outer Island for a while... I’ll be going at the end of my mission when I get out of Zone Leader... every missionary gets a chance to go to Outies but I haven’t got mine yet.

I went to my first Zone Leader meeting on Saturday and it was weird… we had like a video conference with President and the Assistants... weird but I guess I’ll get used to it... I’m still here in Betio because I am just waiting for Elder Van Dyken to come take my place as District Leader... I’m hoping he’s the one that will come up to Zone Leader afterwards cz I’d I would like to work with Elder Van Dyken.

Love ya Mum... that’s the latest from here... send everyone my love.

Elder Nye xoxx

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!