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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 43 - 2010 Ends with a bang!

Hey Ma,

Man I had a really fun New Years... LOL… first we went to a members house and we ate and it was really fun... but the time came around so we went home... And we made a fire in our back yard and made a bomb out of 4 fly spray cans and blew it up!!!!! And then we decided we'd move our two bunk beds out of the house and put them outside and stack them on top of each other.. That’s right...a 4 story bunk bed and I slept on the top... District leader sleeps up top. And then we had the countdown and popped the popper things you sent and laughed and went to sleep... and it was hard to get up that morning... Lol

Anyways had a really good week this week... Got plenty of lessons and we had a record 100 something people to church!!! Hard work finally payed off I guess... We also had 9 investigators to church so the work will go really well now... It makes me really happy that we have heaps of adults!! It’s a lot more satisfying too... we have a lot of adult investigators right now.. Tobwa is a 24 year old dude and he is the man... Gave up smoking and he’ll be baptised on Saturday :) He’s really active in the Ward too... and goes to every activity :) it’s nice to find the ones who are really prepared and ready.

Mum I love you.. I’m trying to make the lord proud of me. Keep on keepin on.

Love Natim

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!