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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 41 - I miss having an Aussie around.

Hey Ma,

So this week has been really good... We have seen some obvious blessings... We fasted on Tuesday and Wednesday was awesome... We got 3 new investigators and it really lifted our spirits... turns out only one of them stuck but it felt really good at the time.. but the one we have is a good one and we are excited to work with him. :P

I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying where I am now for Christmas... I can’t wait to get my packages ha-ha... Should be fun.

I had something like that in my District training on Wednesday... I said the reason why some people feel familiar with the Plan of Salvation lesson... is because they have the Spirit reminding them about it... like it says in john 14:26.. My training was on the role of the Spirit in conversion.

The work is going a bit better now... Sometimes I miss having an Islander companion or having an Aussie around... But I’ll keep trying... I can’t wait to talk to you guys... Please send my love to everyone... I love you ma... I miss you.

Elder Nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!