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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 40 - We're pushing through...

So.. I feel the need to explain ! LOL

I did send 4 packages to him.. but they were NOT all Christmas presents! I feel living amongst poverty has clouded Matthews mind on what a 'LOT' means.

I sent a box of food (which I do once every few months anyway)
I sent a small box of little presents with some Santa hats so they could all get into the Christmas spirit
I sent him some new clothes which he asked for and were not his present
And I sent a bag with a couple of bigger presents in it... a beach cricket set for P-Day..

and if he thinks a cricket set and some small pressies are more than he has ever received.. then he is obviously just more appreciative now of the simple things in life! lol


The work is really hard at the moment but we're pushing through.

Did you know I’m 20 now?? That’s old ay?

So you sent 4 Christmas packages!! Holy cow... lol… you have got to be the coolest Mum in the world... I mean I would be happy with 1 .. but I know you and I know how much you love me... Did you get elder turners bag??

So Elder Turner is from Boise Idaho... He’s funny... He’s really good with the rules... So he’s a really good example to me... Ummm he was a broadcaster back home... he loves making videos so we'll get round to that one day... he’s a good kid. He’s been a member all his life and I’ll try get some photos off.

The work is pretty fry at the moment but, were trying really hard... This week we're going to focus on referrals from members and less actives.

Mum I love you… thanks again for the packages... Please send my love to everyone please..

Love Elder Nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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