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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 39 - Down to 1 pair of trousers because his investigators need them :)

Hey ma...

Man Brisbane sounds fun and busy... Say Hi to Kerrie for me and all the family :) How much do you think you'll get for the house??? My guess from here is $545,000... for my bedroom... because I lived in it... Probably another 10,000 or so for the rest of the house. Let me know how I went...

Ha-ha that service was soo nuts...I like held a dead mans skull... I grabbed it out and put it in the bucket lol... My photos on Elder Mortensen’s camera though so I can’t send it right now...

The guys in the house are going okay... my companion is pretty sweet... I thought we were going to struggle because of what I had heard, but he’s good... we get along well... We just went shopping and it was kinda trunky ha-ha... I bought some new long pants because I was down to one!! I gave my 2nd last pair to an investigator yesterday so I bought a new pair now... Do you think you could send me one more pair please just when your ready because I’ll probably be back to one when they get here :p

But yeah I’m trying to help the Elders in my district now... one of them is kind of new and isn’t doing so good... But I’ll go on splits with him this week... I have to be all leader like... I would way rather be just a normal missionary and just work... Oohhh my nelly this whole training thing is taking a toll on me too... Yesterday I was struggling... I just wish I was with someone that’s good at speaking the language... I’m trying to teach Elder Turner... He’s kind of behind because of his first companion... My son was like schooling him… now I just have to straighten this one out... Prayers please....

Love you Mum.. please give everyone my love.
Elder Nye

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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