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Monday, January 17, 2011

Email No 38 - Service Project... digging up dead bodies!

Mauri Mummy...

Sounds like you had a big week huh? Man I really wish we had your summer salad here for Zone Conference ha-ha we just have fish and rice from the local restaurant... they just buy it.

The seminary thing sounded good ... Ha-ha Ben is the man!! Got to love him. He’s going to be a good missionary.

I know what you mean about the callings thing.... but I’m still trying to find joy in this one (ha-ha) District Leader is boring.... and my greenie is getting transferred now :( … he’s going to Christmas Island... I’m jealous ay, ha-ha he’s a cool kid, I love him... And now transfers are happening.. but I know it’s what the Lord wants so I’ll just have to put up with it... I look at it as if I have a lesson to learn so I’ll do my best...

I’m stoked for Christmas.. The phone call is going to be awesome.

The work is going okay.. could be better... sometimes I just feel like our people are going nowhere... But I’ll do my best... I’m going to have to get more people this week... Tracting tracting... My new comp came out the same time as my 'son' so I’m training pretty much still.

I’m trying to get really good relationships with the members... we are struggling with our Bishopric… our Bishop still isn’t healthy yet... and either the first or second counsellor turns up to church... It’s never both of them.... Pray for me please.

We did service this week and we dug up a dead body! :O It was fun as.... we dug it up and put the bones in a bucket and now they’re going to bury them in a different place... It was nuts... I pulled out the skull and I got a photo but I haven’t got it yet from the other Elder so I’ll get it to you.

Mum have a good week...

Love your son

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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