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Monday, August 30, 2010

Email No 27 - Study is important... Every Day!!!!

Here is this weeks...

Your calling sounds awesome... now you don’t have to be in the kitchen every time :) ...and you get fed by Polynesians so that’s even better :) The people here know how to cook with so few things and it tastes good as :)

I love learning new scriptures and ways to teach... The scriptures are really important with teaching and study is so important.... Every day! I’ve had a few times when the thing I’ve studied that morning is what I’ve been told to use during a lesson by the Spirit... Gotta love missionary work :)

The baptism we had was good... We had a mother and her son get baptised... But the dad is a drunk so yeah... the good thing is that the mum said in her baptism interview that she'll be working on her husband to get baptised... We started having lessons with him but he never was home after a while ha ha.

This week has been okay... We taught like 25 or something lessons... We have another baptism this week... Me and Elder Kiaitonga said we were gonna have a baptism every week while we're together :) that’s our goal anyways... Our bikes are still going strong for now... My bike makes a crunching sound every time I pedal but it still works. I think I’m getting transferred soon... I got told I might be cz I’ve been in this area for like 5 months now.

I met the Mission President and his wife a couple of weeks ago when they were here... They came and visited every district for like an hour and got a photo.

Gotta go Mumma... I love ya to the moon and back... Stay strong!!

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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