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Monday, August 30, 2010

Email No 26 - I am dreaming in Kiribati now!

One friend leaving and another returning.. such is the life of our young men in the mission field! Thanx Siobhan for organising his parcel and everyone who wrote letters.. it lifted his Spirits!

Kent’s almost gooone!! I love that kid. I’m so glad you guys are going through the temple when he’s going... I’m jealous as! Can you just give him a big hug from me and tell him I love him please... If you remember.

Ha ha Jess found boys on an island... Oh deary lol... Nah she’s fine... She should be having a tonne of fun!! I have to email her!!!... Has she told you guys anything else??

Woah Dave’s almost back??? Man that went fast... time flies ay?? It’s the last days!!!!! Dave’s the man! Give him a hug from me too please :p

I heard Australia has a female Prime Minister... And then we were in a restaurant and the TV had her on it and I’m like noooo not her... and she’s got red hair!! LOL ... if she’s the Prime Minister I don’t really wanna come back.. Haha!

Elder Kiatonga is the man... we have some fun together... But I think it’s safe to say I’m thinking and dreaming in Kiribati now... Lol ! I hang out for English speaking Elders so I can speak English.... But it’s all good. But me and Elder Kiatonga had an English speaking day... He can understand it kinda well but he’s not very good at speaking. He’s good though. We work hard and we got our bikes fixed!!!!! Woohoo... its heaps better with bikes.

I got a package from Chev!! Lol it was sooooo good... There were like 10 letters in there from friends... I think she got them all to write one :)

We should have mum and son getting baptised this week... Men are so danged hard here!

Thanks for everything mum... I love ya tonnes... Be good. Send my love to everyone!!

Elder Nye... Tia bo

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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