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Monday, August 30, 2010

Email No 25 - He has a new companion!

Hi everyone... I missed this one.. so sorry! Matt is still in the same area, but he has a new companion. Elder Mortensen was given a new missionary to train. They have their new missionary intakes three weeks after their transfer weeks, so sometimes they just get a companion while they are waiting for the 'greenies'... that was the deal with Elder Mortensen.. but they really enjoyed each other's company.

What President said about reading the Book of Mormon seems like a good idea... I’ve definitely thought about it but I got told not to by Elder Grover... cz I need to learn how to say things the way people here say them... not a Book of Mormon translation... you know what I mean? But I do have a better way to get the language now.... cz I got a new companion... he's Kiribati :) It’s awesome cz I just speak Kiribati with him all day... it’s pretty tiring sometimes... but it’s really good cz it helps me heaps. When I do read the Book of Mormon in Kiribati, I can understand half of the verses but there’s still some words I don’t know so I’m working on that.. the language is hard to study... its better to just talk :P

Conference sounded cool... and what you said about the whole sacrifice thing is true... who ever thought I’d miss Conferences!!

Jess is gone!! Wow that was fast... she’s so lucky ay? She’s in Rome... she can’t even speak Romanese?? :P lol. She’s awesome.

We don’t really run out of water so to speak... I think every house has a well... but you can’t drink that straight otherwise you’ll have an animal in your body growing (jks)!!! So people shower from the well but most people have rain tanks too... all the houses, like our houses have water pumps for the shower so yeah stuff like that. It’s pretty cool showering from a well... lol.

Anyways my new comps name is Elder Kiaitonga... he’s funny as... we have some fun and he works hard and is helping me heaps with the language obviously.. I got another sickness this week... I got a rash from something... I don’t really know how I got it... but it’s on the mend... got some medicine for it.

We had 1 girl get baptised... she is awesome... and we did it in the ocean again... I love it !!

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!