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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Email 24 - He baptised in the ocean..and loved it.

On the weekend, our family went to the snow to play and I emailed Matt a few photos from our escapades. The kids held up signs saying "We Love You Matt". They were very cute!

The photos were mean as (ha ha) they made me laugh and smile and feel happy so thanks heaps... I miss you guys! You’re all awesome... Joseph looks like the man... send him in the next parcel please!? :P I did get a little jealous though... you guys playing in the snow... I forgot snow existed LOL I honestly did... I read your email and I’m like why would you go to Mt St Gwinear? Kiribati does things to ya :) !

We had three baptisms this week... and I have some exciting news... I did my first ocean baptism :) Well it was the lagoon side actually so no waves... but it was awesome as!! The chapel ran out of water so we baptised them in the ocean... I loved it heaps and I don’t really want to go back to the font :P This week’s been pretty ordinary... nothing new... except one cool thing about the area is that we get to see the planes come in ha ha... there was a huge US Air Force plane that came... and a sweet slick plane from Australia too... so it was a good week! That’s how we gauge our weeks here lol jks. We had a stuffed up Saturday... we had a leadership meeting in the ward and they told us it would finish at 12 and it finished at 4 and the baptism started at 5 so that meant we didn’t get many people to church... only 6 this week... we'll bump it back up this coming week.

Stake conference will be good. If you talk to President Sanders or someone in the Presidency, tell them I send my love. I wish I could go to a conference or something... I miss them. They changed a rule... Zone Conference every 12 weeks instead of 6. Mortensen and I have been talking and we kinda notice that because the church is so new here, we don’t get that spiritual lesson all the time... you know what I mean... obviously we feel the Spirit but it’s nice to sit down and be spiritually uplifted by someone in leadership.

Anyways it’s all good... I’m loving the work and missing everyone heaps.

That's it for another week.. sorry I was late getting this on here... just been a busy week.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!