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Monday, August 2, 2010

Email 23 - The prayers of children!

A little bit of background for today... first of all, our niece, Becky said family prayer this week for her family. In it she asked for Matt to be blessed... and asked that he wouldn't have to eat maggots this week and that someone would feed him chicken... and could they please cook it! Too cute!!

Last week Matt wrote a very short email and about the only thing he wrote about his work was he and his companion had set a goal to have 20 investigators to church on Sunday... he fills us in on that in this email.

Tinau!! (Mum)

I’m doing well Ma... me and Mortensen are doing good work lol. I’m so tired at night times but it feels good... I don’t know how to break this to you but I think I’m getting a bit of a belly...
(like I would care! lol) it’s all the damn rice... haha. I’m trying to keep the stomach down by sit ups and I’m cutting down on rice now... lol

Man that’s awesome about Becky!! I love that girl.. tell her I did have a very yummy chicken dinner... twice... and no maggots this week! Woo hoo a parcel on it’s way.. cool... I should get it sometime this week... I’ve been thinking about sending some stuff home but I really don’t know what to send home cz I could just give it away or throw it out... haha.

Elder Mortensen is the Man... he’s been out for a year and he’s obedient and we work hard haha. We worked real hard and prayed really hard and we came up short... only 13 investigators on Sunday... next week we'll get better though... maybe... we are having three people baptised this week so it could be hard cz they’re not classed as investigators anymore... but we will try hard.

We still haven’t met the Mission President... he's coming next week I think sometime... it sucks he’s having a training meeting with Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Trainers... that leaves about 5 companionships out... including us.

You know how we used to say, sometimes you can miss a Sunday? We were wrong! lol... missing church is bad! One of our converts was a drinker before he got baptised and he just missed two Sundays in a row. We went over Sunday afternoon to see how he was doing and he had been drinking! ..I was shattered... I’m sick of everyone falling. It like really hurts when you see them do that.... in my area there are so many people living badly.

We just have to wait it out til the ward gets strong enough in the area. The ward is soooooo important in missionary work... I really underestimated the member missionary side of things before I came here!

I’m getting fat but that’s life!

Love Elder Matt

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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