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Monday, July 19, 2010

Email No 21 - I think this week has been tough on him!

Not a lot in this weeks email to put in here... I think it has been a tough week for Matt. Let's hope this week improves for him.

Well I’m still in Bonriki and yes I’m with Mortensen! He’s funny as... He’s from Colorado. It’s funny cz we're both about the same with the language so it’s kinda hard to get everything people are saying lol. But we're doing alright. I did shed a tear when Grover left... It didn’t fall but it just stayed in my eyes. I’m gonna miss that kid... He taught me heeeaps.

And Morris is back? Mean as... Alright I’ll just wait for him I guess to find me. Haha I’m excited.

You guys got a dishwasher!!!! Cchhhheeeeeeeeeeehhhhheeeeewwwww!! Good job. I’m sure it’s nice having it though... I forgot about the existence of dishwashers to be honest. Lol

So yeah this week has been kinda long... But it’s all good... I think it’s cz of everything that’s happened... Mortensen is the man though... We have fun together!

I got some sad news though.. one of our strong investigators.. Nei kabeea, the day after Grover left... she ‘biriakinakoed’ with some guy. Translation is like... ran away and had sex. I was shattered... And I haven’t been able to talk to her cz in the culture she has to stay in the guys family’s house for a few days and then she can go and see her family. It’s weird as, but I’ll get to see her tomorrow. I’ll talk to her and see what’s going on... I was shattered though... almost cried.

Hopefully this week will go a bit better. I love you heaps ma... Don’t forget it!

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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