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Monday, July 12, 2010

Email No 20 - It's BUMP WEEK - Yep 6 months on Wednesday!

I am so happy to see the 6 month mark roll around! I did get some new photos (apparently there is a way of adding a page to this for the photos, if someone can tell me how... I would really appreciate it) I have loaded them on Facebook.

It’s my 6 month on the same day Grover leaves. I got told who my new comp is... His name is Elder Mortensen... But there’s 5 new missionaries coming in and I think he'll be training one of them so I dunno... We'll see what happens. He’s from like Montana or something... Lol he’s farm boy as too... He’s funny.

The area is going okaaaaayy.... We had those 5 baptisms and it’s been slowing down... Our goal to teach more potential Priesthood Holders has side tracked us a little... Haha I guess when girls focus on men they slow down too... But the work will pick back up once Mortensen comes cz we got a few things to do before Grover leaves.

There’s 4 Aussie missionaries... 3 from Melbourne and 1 from Brissy. I knew one Elder’s sister before I left and I met him here... Elder Morton. He's the man... and there’s an Elder Van Dyken and Elder Cole from Brissy.

About the temple... Kawanro has pigs to sell... They're small now but when they grow for about a year you can sell them for like $100 each... So he’s got 2 now I think. In the ward there might be 3 to 5 families... saving to go to Fiji... it’s good for them to save their money... that way their ready to go and willing. It’s their trial to face cz they live in Kiribati... We don’t have to face that trial in Australia anymore but we have our own trials to face.

That’s cool that the Demons (Melbourne) are rockin it... beating Essendon! They should be good by the time I get back.

There’s not much to say this week... I could probably use some prayers for my language lol... I feel like I need to get better now... I’m already doing well... everyone says... so that’s why I need to do better... I dunno what they’re gonna do with me next transfer.

That's it for another week. He is certainly sounding happy with his life.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!