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This is Elder Nye's Mum. I created this blog, to keep everyone up to date

with his adventures while on his mission.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Email No 13 - Just enough for food... and a little left over.. sometimes.

Well.. he is going through his health trials... but still seeing positives every day. I sent him a bunch of food in a package... those shaker bottle pancake mixes and breakfast cereal.. cookie mixes and cake mixes for treats... I guess he loved it!

Ma... what was that package you sent me??? lol it was Heaven sent.. did you send that on the Monday? ... cz it got here on Friday... it was awesome as! Good food.. the pancakes are mad... Lol had pancakes for brekky this morning! And the coco pops are mean too... but now I’ve gone from luxury breakfasts back to Weetbix every morning lol.

The boils are gone now and the rash is slowly getting better... So it’s all good now :) I always try to keep things positive with my plagues and stuff..

We had two little girls get baptised... One of them.. Not Iatinta's daughter... She’s like ‘Mormon’ as... I hope she stays good as she grows up. And that’s a really good idea for the temple but they'll probably go in like 5 years not 2... Kiribati people don’t have much Mum. Just enough for food and a little bit left over.. Maybe.

That’s cool about the ward... How’s the missionary work going?? When I get back I’m gonna be with the missionaries as much as I can lol... And I’ll feed them and give them something to do on P days lol.

We got our bikes back... The bikes are fun as well... And we can get heaps more work done with bikes.

Grover’s only got like 7 weeks left ... he got his death papers.. 15th July.

We have lots of new people at the moment... So there’s not really anyone really ready for baptism... People just run away or move to ‘Outies’ or it turns out they've already been baptised haha. But the area’s going well.

Gotta bounce ma... I’m healthy..enough.. And serving the Lord. It’s a good life.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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