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Monday, May 17, 2010

Email No 12 - Only 2 Seasons a Year.. and Winter isn't one of them.

Hi everyone. The latest news from Kiribati.

"I have another boil like under my arm pit and its really uncomfortable and hurting all the time... kinda sucks... so I just got some antibiotics from the nurse and I started taking them and I got a rash from them... it looks like bad acne just under my arm pit where the boil is.... but the nurse said it was a side effect of the antibiotics.... kinda hating my body right now...I just wanna be clean. but I’m seeing the nurse again today and hopefully it all goes away in a the next few weeks... but yeah everything is being taken care of so don’t stress...

I miss the cold... me and Grover were just talking about that yesterday haha... in Kiribati there’s a wet season and a dry season... and I think that’s it... pretty boring... but it’s still hot all year round.

The work is okay... we’re teaching heaps and making progress... we have kids getting baptised this week I think... two or three. It will be good... one of them is Iatinta's daughter... so hopefully the father of that family will go back to church cz he was baptised ages ago but doesn’t go anymore... hopefully they'll become a happy family in the church!!! :)

We had Stake Conference yesterday so only like 2 or 3 of our investigators came to church... it was cool though they had a broadcast for the islands. President Eyring, Elder Ballard, Elder Conrie (??) and the Primary President spoke. Elder Conrie bore his testimony in like 4 different languages lol when he did it in Kiribati everyone was laughing cz his pronunciation was funny haha... but it was awesome that he did it.

It has been one of those weeks... oh well keep your heart in the right place cz where your heart is, there will your treasure be also."

That's it. He is struggling somewhat with his health still.. please remember him in your prayers.. and remember to write to him... his address is in the right hand side of this blog.

Have a good week everyone.

Matt's Mum.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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