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Friday, July 2, 2010

Email 14 - All you need is a Buia, a Coconut Tree a Fishing Net and the Gospel!

The email from May 31st...

Mauri! Kouara?

My arm hurts again lol... I think when I ran out of antibiotics I was supposed to keep taking them... I’ve got two more bumps under my arm... I don’t even know if they're boils ...ohhh I love Kiribati.

Apart from that, the week has been alright... We had a fair few lessons this week... Hopefully we can keep it going... We have lots of new people but lots of people that don’t want lessons anymore.

We’re working hard to have people ready for baptism cz at Zone Conference we set a baptism goal. Kinda just made us want to get baptisms... there were 1, maybe 2 people who weren't ready for it and they've stopped coming to church... kinda sucks... So I think our next baptism will be on the 11 June... We'll have people ready to follow the Saviour by then :)

That’s awesome you guys are doing missionary work!!! I think I’m more excited for you guys doing missionary work than for my missionary work here.

The activity sounds cool... I’m glad you guys had fun... Who’s in YSA? Who's gonna go on a mission?

You guys don’t know how ‘pov’ most of these people are. I think my attitude has changed a lot towards things... like objects ... over here it is .. we don’t need that... all you need is a buia (a small hut) a coconut tree a fishing net and the Gospel lol.

We have transfers every 6 weeks... And it’s the third week now. Grover has 6 weeks to go :) I think I’ll be with him until he leaves :) Everyone keeps laughing at me cz when I go home it’ll be 2012... even though its only like 14 days in 2012, it just sounds a loooooong way away haha... I’ve even had members laugh at me. Ha ha

Language is still pottin along... I can talk but I’m trying to just build my vocabulary now cz its not much...

Love you mum... Send my love to everyone :)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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