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Friday, July 2, 2010

Email 16 - Hey Elder... the rice looks funny!

So.. this one needs some explanation. When Matt wrote to Rick for his birthday, he told him a story which Rick found very amusing, but made me want to ban him from ever eating anyone's cooking but his own!

They went for dinner at someone's house and were handed their bowls with the food in them. When they looked down, there were maggots crawling around in it! The family had the same food...so in Matt's words... "we said the best blessing we could possibly say over the food and just ate it"! I should tell you that they didn't get sick ... but I sure as heck did!

Email from June 14th...

It sounds fun at home... Except for the fact that you’re going less active!!! Go to church mum!! Ha ha jks. Anyways the maggots... oooohhh the maggots! I forgot about that haha! Good times.. I’ve had some random times with Elder Grover haha... He’s got 4 weeks left!

It’s the culture here to have a Karaore (a type of going away party) when we leave... And Grover’s setting up his dinners in the areas he’s served in before... lol it should be fun when we start having them :)

Our area is going pretty well lately... I have my bad and my good days... This place is unpredictable... sometimes we get 6 lessons a day...sometimes we get 2 or 3. Our lesson count has been down a bit lately... Just cz of fall throughs! I hate it when our lesson falls through. But the good news is we're going to be having lots of baptisms coming up... We have lots of progressing people. Last week we had 7 investigators come to church... Yesterday we had 11 come to church!! :) It was cool to finally see some good numbers in this area after working here for so long... So yeah we should have a few baptisms coming up... We baptised I think 3 kids last time I told you? 1 was yesterday... But this week we should have a few.

Me and Grover have had some pretty big spills on the bikes lately haha... It was funny as... I’ll have to send photos... And it must be time to send more photos home sorry :p I forget.

We have a really good family coming to church... I hope they can give up their smoking the husband and wife.... We baptised their daughter and the wife is less active and they all came to church on Sunday... We’re teaching their boy and the dad right now... And then the whole family will be together... And then they can go get sealed in the temple!! Sorry if I’m not making sense... Kiribati is making my English worse!

Uuummmm I think that’s about it... Keep resting up.. You'll be back on your feet in no time :)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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