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Friday, July 2, 2010

Email 17 - I want to focus on finding potential Melchizedek Priesthood holders.

This email was from June 21st.

ko a kaua ke?

I’m glad you’re not inactive anymore... I was getting worried I'd have to come back and kick your butt.

I heard a story from an Elder who had to go through Hawaii to get to one of the outer islands of our Mission... he said the Elders there became really appreciative of the things they had after they finished speaking about Kiribati! Kiribati is so impoverished.. but, we do get really good numbers... it’s just the people.

Me and another Elder went and placed a Book of Mormon the other day ha ha... we said it was probably the first Book of Mormon ever ‘placed’ in Kiribati ... or in a long time anyway. It is good the Elders there are working hard... when I get back I want to hang out with the Elders ha ha... and help them heaps and feed them heaps.

This week has been okay... Our AP is going home the same time as Grover and he’s been with us in a threesome a couple of times this week... all they talk about is home!!!! It kinda sucks sometimes!

We had another baptism... a teenage girl named Oreta. We looked at everyone at church yesterday and realised we really need some priesthood holders to baptise... so this week and I think for the rest of my mission I’m going to focus on finding Melchezidek Priesthood holders. That’s what Kiribati needs if they're going to grow and get a temple. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking lately.

We should get one family all baptised really soon... the father is coming along really well, Kawanro. He and his wife have stopped smoking and drinking and they're coming to church by themselves :) it’s good signs.

Apart from that there’s not much going on... I’m working hard and having fun Ma... and no boils :) ... send my love to everyone.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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