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Friday, July 2, 2010

Email 15 - New Mission President will be coming in July

Hi everyone. This is the email from June 7th.

Matt's Mission President's daughter was in a serious car accident a while ago and so a temporary Mission President was assigned so the Smith's could go home and assist with their daughter's recovery. Unfortunately, they are not coming back to the mission, so a new Mission President has been called and will begin in July. The President called to be the Tongan Temple President, is President Hopoate, the temp President... hope all of that makes sense!

Elder Phillips... the Elder you sent the bag for said he loves you.... and Elder Grover said he loves you too cz you feed us even though you’re in a different country!

We’re getting a new Mission President in July I think. Our Mission President now... just got called as the temple President in Tonga :) he’s a wise man... but it’ll be cool to get a new President... I never met Sister Smith... but I’ll miss President Smith though... he is a cool guy.

Those two boils ended up turning into three... so this week has been a bit painful... but it’s all good now :) Last night all the stuff drained out of the last one... so hopefully it’ll all clear up soon... but I might have another one coming up now... but it’s all good who cares... I’m used to it now..lol I got some cream that should stop me from getting boils... like kill the disease or whatever... but it’s getting there, and I don’t really get sick from the food anymore... just once in a while I’ll have the runs.

I love you heaps Ma... rest up and be good.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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