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Monday, May 10, 2010

Email No 11 - Son baptises Mum... Missionary happy.

Hi everyone...

Well the phone call yesterday was awesome... but fast. It was really good just to hear his voice. I teared up! I was great until I had to say 'goodbye', then it was too much and I choked a little.

Here is today's email... not much, but I guess we talked most of it out yesterday. The big news is the latest baptism... this was one of the 'special ones'.

"I miss you all... after that phone call I almost died... Haha why did you have to tear up!! I didnt cry cz I'm tough but it made me feel like a Mumma's boy again :)

Yeah yesterday was awesome... we got Iatinta's son, Tiaoni... he's a Priest and he baptised her and the other two people and you couldnt wipe the smile off our faces... me and Grover were happy boys yesterday haha... and Iatinta's testimony after the baptism was amazing too... ahh I love that woman.

Yep I got the parcel on Friday :) Thankyou... it took a while didnt it... but the stroopwaffles were awesome... we ate them that day.. they were for lunch. Thanks heaps for that.. have you sent another package since then... I can't remember lol

I do write in my journal... but it’s kinda sketchy.. I do it like every 3, 4, 8 days lol... but yeah I have lots of fun experiences. I wish I could remember to write them all down but there’s lots haha The mission is awesome... I was kinda trunky yesterday after the phone call but it’s okay... I got over it already... it’s hard with Grover cz he’s talking about when he gets home all the time... he's not trunky but we just talk about it. It’s all good :)

The nuun leaf is funny haha we got pictures don’t worry... oh I should send you pictures... cz now I have my camera cable :)"

Hope you all have a great week.

Matt's Mum.

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  1. Hello. I was going to ask God to kill you. But if He would just break your legs that would be fine. For spreading false doctrine (Lies) in the name of God. -Jimbo


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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