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Monday, May 3, 2010

Email No 10 - The Magic of the Nuun Leaf!

Hi everyone.. sorry for not updating sooner. Matt hasn't had a lot to say lately.. but todays email was a little more newsey... so here it is!

I got a boil on my chin lol... it was huge... and last night some members told me to get a Nuun Leaf and put baby oil on it and hold it against my boil and so I did that and strapped it around my head and it looked funny as... but it worked! lol.... It went down heaps today lol... it was so big though... except it keeps spurting out puss and blood and it’s annoying as lol... Gottta love Kiribati... but I’m still healthy and stuff.

The district goal isn’t looking so good from our part... we've had 4 baptisms so far and we might end up with only 10 by the end of the month... it’s hard to not think of people as just stats when you’re trying to get a baptismal goal like this... but we're working really hard with our people. Some of our investigators have moved away and some run away from us! lol... but Jatinta is awesome she stopped smoking :) She’s doing really well but she missed the truck that goes and picks everyone up for church yesterday, so she didn’t come to church :( but she's still good. Her son said she was bathing when the bus came haha.
We're having trouble with Komaua... he smokes and he’s from the religion, Bahaai... and he's struggling.... and then there’s one girl’s father that won’t let her come to church and she doesn’t want us to talk to her father so we're in a bit of a pickle there lol. This area is still hard... next zone should be a bit better if me and Grover stay together :)

Anyways... also it was a 5 week month or something so we had to make our money last haha we didn’t know that until the 4th week so I had to take some money out of the atm with that card. Anyway, lol last night was interesting... we fasted and we didn’t have food all day and we didn’t have dinner either lol.... and there was no food in the house. So Grover whipped up some chocolate batter lol... just batter and that what we had haha... gotta love Kiribati. But I have money now haha. We have to catch buses into our area cz our bikes are broken so it sucks all our money... but we've just started doing that thing where you record what you buy and write down how much money you have ...it’s mean... but it works... so far. That’s all I got this week... Please tell everyone I love em and say Hi to everyone for me.

In a previous email, Matt told us he found out one of the things making him sick... it is the Tonati... they are like a donut, but apparently the fat it is cooked in has a really bad effect on him... so that is one thing eliminated from his diet!

We are all very excited for Sunday's phone call and having a chat. He only gets 45 minutes, so it will all be very quick chats.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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