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Friday, April 16, 2010

Email No 7 - "Two Men Can Do Anything!"

Hi everyone. Sorry this took so long to add. The last email was quite short.. and mostly full of personal thoughts for family.. but when I went back I did realise his thoughts on Conference were very appropriate for this page.

General Conference was flipping awesome!!! The whole thing was so family focussed and focused on our Saviour too! Oh I loved it heaps... me and Elder Grover talked about it heaps last night too... but yeah that line about "two men can do anything if one of them is the Saviour"... that stood out to me heaps too... I was like yeah that's awesome! I'm gonna try study all the notes I wrote down in between everything else I study :) I wish everyone would go to every session of Conference! We only had one investigator come and thats cz we pretty much forced him! But he said he loved it and he felt the Spirit so it was good for him. I wish all of our investigators came!!! Haha silly people.

I told Matt I was looking for a new car and he must have been a little dillusional at the thought...

A new car! That's mad... lol... so it should be my car when I get back and you can get a new car when I get back... lol... that works huh? I'm excited to see it.

I asked him how he was doing with the bikes and whether or not we needed to buy one for him....

Bikes are sweet... the mission just has them and you dont have to pay anything... lol they aren't the best, but we just fix em up and keep riding!

Anyway, that's it. We are all looking forward to the Mother's Day phone call to catch up with him... only 23 sleeps! Have a good weekend everyone!

Matt's Mum

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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