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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Email No 6 ... Too Much Chocolate! LOL

Firstly... thank you to everyone who has been sending letters and parcels and spoiling our boy!

Matt's comments on baptisms has a bit of a story. He has been writing his emails this whole time and then he sent a letter last week with some photos and there he was dressed in white with a family... so I wrote in my email and mentioned he had never told us he had baptised... so he caught us up on that. I will scan the photos soon and add them to the blog.

Anyway... here are some bits from his email today...

Man I'm jealous! You guys went to the temple .. that's one thing I want to do when I get back okay... I miss it big time....

Well yeah I've baptised 4 people but I think I've had like 7 investigators... well Elder Grover and I had like 6 more but that was 2 days after we got there so they weren't our baptisms... but anyways that doesn't matter...

Me and Elder Grover are going well this area is a lot harder than the last though... we were white washed again and its harder to get it up and going.... all of our appointments keep falling through which is kinda annoying. Our flat isn't in our area... we have to bike for 10 mins to get there and our area is huge too... and what sucks even more is our bikes keep breaking.. well our tyres. So it takes ages to walk everywhere haha... so I'm doing a lot of exercise :) but its all good... just gotta keep on keepin on. I have to say though that Pdays are amazing lol.

I got a letter from you from ages ago lol... and I got the package from the O'Keefe's too :) and lol I got another Easter package from you... I got 1 in Teaoraereke and I thought that was it and then I got another one, I was like woah... and I got a package from Warren and Dani that had chocolate and stuff in it too... I dunno why im getting all of this love!!!

I've had way too much chocolate lately though haha... but I think it's all gone now.. :)

We had Zone Conference yesterday, that's why I'm writing today... and it was good. Pres Hopoate sends his love... he's pretty cool... I had a good interview with him... but I didnt understand some of his training at conf...

Sorry it's a bit short but it's not a very interesting week... be good Ma :) Send my love to everyone please...

Well, that's it for another week. We are now all counting down to Mother's Day and to getting our phone call. Take care until next week!

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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