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Monday, March 29, 2010

Email No 5 - Hitting the streets on a bike

Hi everyone... here is today's update from Matt.

Just for a bit of background... Matt's Mission President's daughter was in a really bad car accident and almost died. So he and his wife have gone home for 3 months to help with her rehabilitation. While they are gone, President and Sister Hopoate are going to look after the mission. They are from Tonga. Elder Hopoate was released less than a year ago as an Area Seventy in the Asia North Area. He has served as a Mission President, Missionary Training Center President, and Regional Representative... so there is a little news in here about that situation.

My new area is Bonriki which is the area the airport is in and I'm with Elder Grover and he's the man... he's from Mississipi and we get along really well... we got white washed and we have about 5 investigators which is dumb so we're actually gonna have to tract! You dont really tract here... it's not very effective because everyone will invite you in and feed you... and you can't say no.... so it's very slow! lol

President Hopoate is here ... He's in the Marshalls and I think he's coming for Zone Conference... and people have said he's really strict so all the missionaries here who have dirtier clothes and shoes than the Marshalls are trying to clean up! We're all wearing our best clothes for him.. might not be good enough though!

(Talking about his Easter parcels) They dont celebrate Easter here so yeah... I just ate them...!!!!

(Talking about the tempation of just emailing EVERYBODY instead of waiting and writing letters) I know I'll get used to it lol its just hard... President Sanders was right when he said the first three months will be the hardest of my life!!

In the new area, we're on bikes and its pretty fun... we have a big area and it used to be the ZL's area so they had a car... but we're just cruisin on our bikes - it's fun.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!