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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Email No 4 - Another transfer...

Every week when I write to Matt, I ask him questions which others have asked me... so you will see some info which seems quite random.. but they are just answers to my questions!

I asked him if the investigators he had last Sunday were the same as the ones from the week before... and that is where we start....

Yes those investigators were the same... people are genuinely interested… it’s just some people aren’t committed to the truth... But we're doing well :)

I have some odd news... On Friday night after baptism interviews the ZL's told us we're getting transferred. Its weird there’s heaps of transfers going on at the moment… and it isn’t time for transfers. But it sucks because Elder Alberts and I were going good.

I am being transferred to Bonriki (which is the airport) and I’m being white washed again with Elder Grover... I don’t know him at all cz he’s coming in from an outer island… all I know is he’s American. I’ll let you know though. It’s funny I’ve been here for 7 weeks and I’ve been transferred twice. LOL I promise I’m not getting in trouble or anything!!!

Sacrament meetings are in Kiribati… but its cool the Kiribati hymn book... That’s my favourite thing about church lol... Singing :)

The language is still hard and I still can’t really understand Kiribati people, but I can understand like half of what Elder Alberts says... I dunno I wont be good at the language for a while so I’ll just have to suck it up and keep trying... People say I’m doing well though.

Our flats have fridges, ovens, washing machines, we sleep on matresses on the floor and we have tables and chairs and toilets and cold showers.. It gets really hot after it rains but it’s just like Brisbane summer time... All the time.. Its all good.

On P days we wash, email, if you're on Tarawa we all go to Moroni High School and play sports together. Moroni is where the senior couples live too.

About the water… you don’t carry filtered water with you... If you refuse the peoples food or water they don’t like you so you just eat or drink what they give you... But its what every missionary does so its okay :)

I got my Easter packages :) on Thursday or Friday but we pretty much have eaten all of it already... Lol... Thanks heaps for all of that and the notes from the Seminary class.

That's it for another week! I am certainly missing Matt, but I am glad to just hear from him a little each week.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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