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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Email No 4 - Runs and Rats!

So, the truth is finally coming out! He has been really sick and there are rats! LOL. This weeks highlights from the weekly email... or maybe they are highlights and lowlights!

People in Kiribati are different... they don’t really have any commitment and they're pretty indifferent when it comes to going to church lol... this week we had 6 investigators. It was bucketing down rain - so that’s a good sign that they actually left their houses to come to church in the rain... it rained Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.. it just stopped yesterday afternoon.

My location... if you find Bairiki, I’m 2 villages up from that. Teoaraereke... lol I dont know what else to say... if you see a white building (a big one cz its the Stake Centre) and there’s a big car park in front of it... that’s pretty much where I live cz we live behind the chapel.

Yeah I’ve been sick lol... I've had diarrhea for ages and then it’s normal and then it goes back and I get mega stomach pains... lol my first week I got really sick... it was the first time I had diarrhea and I had a fever too and I was in bed all day that day.... but it’s okay you just gotta troop through it all and pray for help with your body lol. We eat raw fish and weird things so my stomach isn’t used to it. We drink filtered water at home but when you’re out and about you get rain water and it’s rare but some people give you well water... that’s nasty stuff and you know you'll be sick from it but if you refuse anything they give you it’s really bad... they feel embarrassed that you refused them and they probably won’t invite you back. So you HAVE to keep the culture here haha…

And yes, there are rats but not in our houses so it’s all good my feet won’t get chomped by rats at night... lol… If I had to cover my feet at night I would get too hot.

I’m pretty pumped for the Mothers Day phone call… lol I miss you guys heaps... ahh its hard but I’m trying to not think about home.
Keep feeding the missionaries :)

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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