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Monday, March 8, 2010

Email No 3 - To Croc or Not To Croc.. :-)

Hi everyone... below are some excerpts from Matt's email today. I will explain 2 parts... just in case you don't know the history behind it.

Elder Morris served here in our mission a few years ago and was greatly loved by our family... he always joked with Matt about serving in Kiribati.. and now there he is.

The Crocs... In an email from Sister Smith (Mission President's wife) there was a suggestion that Crocs were the best shoes for missionaries over there... and Matt flatly refused to accept he would EVER wear them! Insisted that no matter what... he would only wear proper shoes!

From Matt....

This week we got 11 new investigators lol which is a lot ha ha but we'll see where they go... we only had 5 come to church this week, but we're doing well.

President is cool as, he is a loving staunch but funny guy lol if that makes sense... I haven't met Sister Smith cz she went to be with Megan, her daughter.

We get $217 a month so $50 a week so its all good... we get fed pretty much every night so we're good and the members pretty much give you only the best foods so that we're healthy lol they love us heaps here... and we get stuff from Australia but all the imported stuff is expensive and all the stuff from Kiribati is cheap as, so we just buy the cheap imported stuff.... I bought a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and it cost $12.50... not happy lol.

Elder Morris is here... he's a cop and he lives in Buota...I actually saw him on the back of a cop ute but I was in the bus behind him so I couldnt yell out to him hhaah... it was funny.

LOL I'm not wearing Crocs yet but I have asked for them lol it sucks wearing shoes here haha Crocs rock.

So.. that's today... hope you all have a great week!

Matt's Mum.

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  1. Probably one of the only places in the world where you can legitimately enjoy wearing a pair of black crocs :D The sickness was the worst.. I was always sick.. I still have stomache bacteria from the mission so make sure he get's checked up when he eventually gets home.


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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