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Monday, January 25, 2010

Our first letter!

So... the first letter arrived today... which is probably a good thing because I think the neighbours thought I had a secret crush on the mail man, the way I was stalking our post box!

It was shortish...but that's okay, who needs volumes when you know your children are focussed on learning all they can for their missions?

He starts out with "The MTC is awesome Ma, it's so amazing!" So... he is loving the MTC and says they are all learning 'heaps' together. He says there isn't much time to sit while in the MTC, let alone take time to write... and said to let everyone know he will make sure he writes when he gets into the mission field and has more time for it.

He has been to the temple and he said it was a great feeling to sit in there and see all of the other missionaries in the room with him. (I can only imagine it would make me feel like singing "Behold A Royal Army) It made him wonder about how things will be in the last days, surrounded by people you respect and love.

He finished his letter with some guidelines we can probably all use...

Pray and read your scriptures,
Feel the Spirit,
& Go to church!

That's about it for anything newsy!

I am just glad to get a letter... so for all of you preparing to go on your missions... remember your mothers will be as bad as me, so be nice and write to them all the time! :-)

Matt's Mum.


  1. I want a letter!! :) we sent a letter by express and Steve said it cost us $12 to send!!! OUCH

  2. Woo Hoo!! The first letter!! Hyrum and I had to laugh out loud when Matt said he'll have more time to write letters out in the mission field! For mum's sake I hope he's right but I have a feeling if it has started busy it will stay busy! I hope for Matt that it stays that busy. Love the blog idea. Looking forward to the next post!


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!