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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter Number 2 - Unexpected, but very welcome!

Hi everyone. We received an unexpected letter from Matt yesterday! YAY!

His MTC companion is Elder Aisake, from Fiji. He says he just loves him and they are having a great time together and that they teach well together. There are four in the MTC going to the mission... the two of them plus an Elder Tutu and a sister missionary (he couldn't remember her name). There are also 2 Elders there from Kiribus, so they are helping him learn a few words and phrases to get him started... I guess you all know, he doesn't get taught the language... just given a handbook and told to learn it out in the field! Very... "Other Side of Heaven". :-)

He is putting a lot of time into his studying because he wants to be as prepared as possible for when he gets out there. He had been there 8 days when he wrote the letter and he said he is learning so much, so quickly... but that he is tired, and still trying to get used to the routine of the MTC days.

They play sport every day, mostly rugby and he loves it. They had a game the other day... Australia vs NZ and apparently "Australia kicked can!"

He went tracting the other day and they didn't have much success, but managed to give one Book of Mormon to someone. They don't get to follow up with anyone.. so he is just hoping he reads the intro and calls the number inside the book.

He wants everyone to know he is thinking of them... but that he is doing all he can to stay focussed on why he is there and to let you know he will write once he gets into the mission field. He is missing everyone a great deal ... I know Matt pretty well... and as his Mum I can't help but think the underlying thing is that he is probably worried that if he takes the time to sit and write it will make his heart hurt too much.

He finishes up with

"I love you guys and so does Heavenly Father! :-)
I love learning about the gospel! :-) ...
and the temple was amazing Ma! :-)
I love and miss everyone!
Be good... and pray and read your scriptures. :-) I mean it, it works!"

So, it's all good news!

If you want to leave comments on here... please do. I will pass everything on to Matt... and it will make a really nice "journal" for when he comes home... so please participate and make this blog a memory for him as well.

Til next time...

Matt's Mum

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  1. haha :) im glad Australia kicked New Zealand in the butt at Rugby ... they need a little humbling in that department. haha.
    it sounds like he's doing amazing and staying really focused on why he's there. he's an amazing boy :)


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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