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This is Elder Nye's Mum. I created this blog, to keep everyone up to date

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter No 1 - I don't know if I should smack him or hug him!

Well, I am in Tabiteuea North with my new companion, Elder Kidder. He's really cool. He's from Indiana, USA. I love being here and I'm glad for it to just be me, my companion, the Church and The Lord. This is the way missionary work should be :) . This place is amazing.. I wish I could film a 24 hour movie of this place.

Mum, I want to tell you something... we do have internet here but it's expensive and my companion and I want to have good experiences out here and we would like to write to our families and President. I guess we are working extra hard to not focus on worldly distractions and we feel this sacrifice will help us. I promise.. I am 100% committed to writing to you and President EVERY Monday. I hope it's okay... but it's just different out here, it's unbelievable.

I've only been here for three days and the people here are awesome and so friendly. They've really welcomed us. I'm glad I have a cool companion and the people seem to like us a lot and are willing to do anything.

We were in a village called Kabuna for Sunday and I had to lead church and me and my companion had to talk in Sacrament. When I taught it just all came to me and I felt like the Spirit was just guiding my thoughts and giving me words to say. I've really come to understand teaching by the Spirit while I've been out.

Please give my love to everyone Mum and even though I am only really writing letters to you... let them know I love them and think of them all the time.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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