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Monday, June 6, 2011

Email No 59 - Travelling with a General Authority was "really cool"

Hey Mumma,

…. that sounds sweet as... Easter parcel should be yum... Don’t worry about the time... it’s all good. Super stoked :) and I’ll think about giving the Steeds there chocolate lol. I just told Sis Steed and she said she is looking forward to her Easter egg.

Man that’s mean as... Bishop Mohring !!! He’s a big dog now ha ha… man did
you tell him congrats and stuff for me?

We still haven’t done the times for our calls... it’ll definitely be on Mothers Day and you can Skype or phone and that’s all we know so far... sorry... we haven’t hit the point where we make the schedules yet... Everyone will have to know the Monday before Mothers Day so that’s plenty of notice...

So anyways... this week was awesome as.... Elder Hamula came on Thursday ... and we had a zone conference with him and he just talked for 2 hours and it was really good... He taught us that we need to make sure our investigators know how to hear and feel the Holy Ghost.

He had heaps of scriptures so that was really cool... and then on Friday me and Elder Van Dyken went with Elder Hamula, the two Stake Presidents and a couple of other people to Butaritari and Makin. They're the two farthest islands north... We went to Makin first where we just had a gathering and Elder Hamula spoke to the members and it was amazing… then we ate and went to Butaritari and did the same thing.

Elder Hamula wanted to see the members and the Elders. So it was really awesome... all me and Van Dyken had to do was sit and listen and follow... It was really cool travelling with a General Authority... They have so much power when they speak... Elder Hamula gave them blessings and said that if they keep commandments they will have food on their tables, shelter and clothes. It was really cool.

Me and Van D are going good... Our work is going well... We're just waiting for a few marriages... it’s really annoying. We're planning to have a baptism and have 4 couples baptised. :) cool stuff.

Well sounds exciting back home... I love you and Dad and everyone...
Be good... Go hard.

Love Elder Nye xoxo

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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