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Monday, September 27, 2010

Email No 31 - I'm going to Marakei

So, this could be the last email until our Christmas phone call.. not too sure how a mother is supposed to cope with the silence... but I do know our boy is so excited and this is something he really really wants to do... so for him.. I am happy and excited too.

Mauri ! So i didn’t get transferred yet.... :) Probably next week I’ll get transferred to an island called Marakei :) :) I’m so pumped!

You already sent a camera :O :D Thanks heaps ay!!! .. I was gonna ask today if you could send me one now so I could have one for Marakei :) No, I don’t care if it isn’t a great one.. I am happy just to get photos.

My new companion has gone to Marakei and is serving this transfer with the Elder there who is just about to go home. So he is being shown all the houses and all that jazz and then I’ll switch with him next week sometime. It’s not clear exactly when.... I might have one more P Day, but there is no guarantee.

I’m going to be Senior too... it’s a bit scary... I have to do baptism interviews too, because it’s just me and my comp lol. I am really glad I got to serve with Elder Kiaitonga… my language is way better now... I could talk before but now I can talk and hear and all that jazz... I’m not good yet... but I’m on my way... I hope I improve while I am in Marakei.

I hope I stay until Saturday cz we have 7 baptisms :D I have worked closely with these people and I would love to see it.

So I am pretty excited to go but I’m sorry... I’m pretty sure we don’t get sent anything. Everything is kept at Moroni High School and when we get back we get everything... but don’t worry Mumma... you know I love you... I know you love me... I’m gonna be looked after by the Lord and the Lord will look after you... there’s nothing to worry about... trust in the Lord!!! Mosiah 7:33!

I met Totie Morris the other week... he came to my ward :)... it was funny as... we were late to Priesthood cz of the transport and then he was teaching and I’m like, Elder Morris!! lol
We had a chat after church it was awesome and his wife is lovely too... he’s funny as lol... it would be cool to work in his ward at some stage.

Sunday was really awesome... at church... we had heaps of people come... less actives... investigators... the works going well... we had 14 investigators at church and the other thing was some of the people I baptised have moved but they came to church in my ward yesterday cz they heard I was leaving.

Oh Mum… I love these people... there’s one lady who got baptised here my first week... so it wasn’t even our person but we taught her the recent convert lessons and we got really close... she’s awesome Nei Aranga. I told her I was going to Marakei next week and she went away and came back with $5... she gave me $5 and I’m like what is this for... I can’t take it... and she said I’ve done heaps for her while I’ve been here so she wanted to give me something... I was sooo humbled... cz to us at home $5 is barely anything, but they don’t have much money at all and $5 can buy you 2 dinners of fish here... its awesome. It was very humbling.

I’m really excited to go to Marakei ! The island is known for eating crabs :)... lol I’m getting a bit of a stomach too... ha ha… you wouldn’t believe it ay? But I am... I gotta work hard out in Marakei to burn it all off... I don’t wanna go home fat haha!

Send my love to everyone please... I love you heaps.

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Two Melbourne Boys
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