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Monday, September 27, 2010

Email No 30 - I might be going to an outer island...


Well first off I have to tell you something.... because I’ve forgotten to tell you for the last 3 weeks :( I lost my camera :( ! It fell out of my pocket when I was on the back of a truck and someone probably picked it up... I haven’t found it yet :( I’m sorry.

2nd... I’ts not for sure yet but I just heard I might be going to an outer island this transfer. I’ll find out on Wednesday for sure. So, you might be right mum... that was a good feeling... sorry I won’t be able to write to you every week now... the longest I’ll be out there is 3 months and then I’ll come back for Zone Conference. Anyways it’s not certain yet... I’ll get to email again before I leave to tell you guys... so if you don’t hear from me until Monday... then I didn’t go!

Service… we just do random stuff like clean peoples yards or other stuff... I dunno... people don’t like grass here so they pull all of their grass and weeds out so it’s just dirt haha! We do service every Thursday.

We do tract sometimes when our teaching pool is low... we went on splits and tracted yesterday... it was awesome 4/5 houses said yes and we taught at one of the houses :) It’s fun doing this work… we teach everyday... and if there’s an open spot we go visit someone or tract... we teach all day everyday... fun stuff! It’s cool I’ve being seeing more and more how the Holy Ghost is with me and my companion when we teach... we go in and we don’t know what we’re going to teach and we speak by the spirit and it’s awesome.

I do remember when we first came here and how we struggled to find people to teach :) But it’s awesome now... me and Elder Kiaitonga were talking and we realised that we had 10 baptisms in the 4 weeks we were together and another 7 ready to go :) It was good to be reminded how willingness and obedience have helped bring people to the Saviour… it is humbling… thanx Mum.

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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