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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The First Email...

Well, we finally received an email.

Matt has already had a transfer... he started out with Elder Latik from the Marshall Islands and was serving in Betio... but arrrived yesterday in his new area and has Elder Alberts from Oregon as his new companion. They are serving in a place called (in his own words) "Teaororeke or somethin haha". He said Elder Alberts is stricter! He is not surprisingly, still struggling with the language and he feels his new companion will help him learn faster.

He has had his first interview with President Smith... but no details... given he is still there... I guess it's all good! President delivered their parcels and some mail.. so he was really happy about that.

He says there is one supermarket there which "is kinda good" and the rest are just little booths on the side of the road and there are only 4 ATM's on the entire island.. but at least he can get to his money.

He is having trouble adjusting to the food - he doesn't like it much and encourages us to send whatever we can whenever we can! lol For those of you who know our family well enough... I sent him 2 bottles of Bush Spice already... I hope it helps out a little!

A couple of direct quotes...

"The churches are pretty good buildings...they need to be cz they're owned by the church but only one of them has drinking water in it."

"my flats are better that most of the houses here... the houses here are so dodgy and ours are pretty good.. theres no hot showers and we have to pump our own filtered water"

That's about it for general news. We are still unsure of how long the letters are taking to get to him... I did ask him if he has received any, but I guess he forgot to tell us. Hopefully we will receive another email next week and I will pass on more info then.

Love to all.


  1. awwww.. what's his email address?? we'll send him something :)

  2. ... wow - sounds like a lot of changes to get used to ... tell me the best things to send in regards to food or other treats and we will get right on it xxx

  3. Ahhhh the memories... By the end of it all he will probably be complaining that he doesn't get to eat rice and fish everyday :)


Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
Matt and Elder Van Dyken... just loving their missions!