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Monday, October 25, 2010

Email No 35 - Matt is mean to his Greenie!

In this past week a few people have asked me how Matt is going with his health now... so he answers that question... it sounds like he is settling into his new area quite well.

Hey Mumma...

Ooohhh I’m glad it’s P Day haha.. it’s been a long week :p but it’s all good... Me and Elder Anderle are getting along ay... He’s pretty funny... We go out and play basketball every morning and he’s doing okay with his language too.... Lol I have a story:

So… we were at a members house teaching a lesson and I was talking to her and she was joking around and she said her name was Suzie Quatro.... jsut as a joke... but we didnt realise Anderle didn't know it was a joke... And then we kept talking and then I asked Elder Anderle to say the opening prayer and in his prayer he said we thank thee for Suzie Quatro hahahahahaahahahaha lol … there were 4 of us in the room and the 3 of us were just laughing while he was trying to finish his prayer hahaha... It was a crack up... And I’m not gonna let him forget it.

But the work is going good... I’m trying to get in tight with the members and it’s going well too :) The ward here isn’t very good... It only has like 20 or 30 people there when it starts... but anyways we're walking now but our area is pretty small... and Elder Anderle likes computers in general and games lol... But he’s the man.

Yes, Betio is a separate island joined by a bridge. The U S Army came and built the bridge from the bigger part of the island to Betio ages ago...

In my district is 2 other Elders that live in the same house as us and then 2 Zone Leaders as well... So it’s fun cz they have a car haha!

I don’t get sick anymore... I mean I get the runs sometimes still but that’s all...

……and yeah President Sanders is the man... and Presidents Dell and Tukikino... I love them... and you are right, you are lucky!

Ohhh, I did my first baptism interview on Thursday and I had to tell the lady to wait another week :( :( I was shattered...

lol Mum... I hate spoiling myself... you know that... Lol haha you’re forcing me to do something I don’t want to do on my birthday ... Jks... But ummm I’ll try get all that stuff... But cheese is like super expensive and icecream and chicken and lettuce is cheap... so I will buy what’s on the list.

Please send my love to everyone!! Cz I love em. Hows jess??

Llloooooooovvvvvve Alfalfa

tia bo n te moanibong ae na roko

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Two Melbourne Boys

Two Melbourne Boys
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